Fukushima SiC Aplied Engeneerling Inc. makes aplication products of SiC


Basic technology: SiC Power Electronics

We produce high voltage pulse generator integrating high voltage semiconductor switch module of SiC-MOSFET array. Besides the well-known application of SiC to solar cells or electric vehicles, SiC technology can also give higher performances to other products. With high output (ultralow resistance), high speed switching, and high voltage pulse generator with high repetitive frequency contribute to medical use particle accelerator (SiC Accelerator Based Neutron Source), surface modifier, thin film creation, mass composition of ultrafine particles, exhaust gas treatment, rock crashing and other applications.

Applied Technology

BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) 

ホウ素中性子捕捉療法BNCT is a treatment using the reaction of neutron and boron medicant absorbed by cancer cells. BCNT method does not give much damage to normal cells but selectively destroy cancer cells. This treatment is particularly effective to malignant cancer like brain cancer mingling with normal cells. BNCT gives small impact to human body and supports good quality of life.

New Material for Industry Use

産業用新素材When neutron is irradiated to material, part of the material absorbs neutron and turns into another material. This phenomenon makes trace amount of another element co-exist in the irradiated material. For example, when silicon single crystal is irradiated, part of it turns into phosphorus. This phenomenon is called Neutron Transmutation Doping(NTD). N type semiconductor(NTD-Si or NTD-SiC) has highly superior uniformity in resistance value and improves the performances of power device such as large diameter thyristors and diodes.

Medical Isotope

医療用アイソトープRadioactive medicines adopt RI (radioisotope). Supply of technetium (Tc-99m) most popularly used for nuclear medicine study entered in critical situation after the supply of molybdenum (Mo-99) mother radionuclide of technetium stopped. 100% of highly enriched uranium necessary to produce molybdenum depends on import in Japan. We can contribute in building the supply system of medical isotope.

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