Fukushima SiC Aplied Engeneerling Inc. makes aplication products of SiC


Acceleration Neutron Generator

Acceleration neutron generator produces high volume of neutron without using nuclear reactor. By applying SiC series resonance a state of the art power electronics technology to the drive circuit of the generator, we have realized big downsizing and far lower energy consumption. We offer options for “Pulse acceleration mode” and “Electrostatic acceleration mode” in accordance with customers’ power conditions. By accelerating proton or deuteron beam to 0.1~2.5MeV and irradiating to targets, Neutron of 108 ~ 1013 neutrons/s can be generated. With the standard equipment of self-shield function the generator can be installed in the shield environment level of x-ray room and applied to variety of future fields.

SiC-BNCT Cancer Treatment Apparatus

With accelerated neutron source driven by our SiC series resonance type electrostatic accelerator (hereunder referred to as SiC acceleration neutron source) this system realizes multi-gate neutron generation with 10 SiC acceleration neutron source surrounding the patient. Multi-gate irradiation delivers neutron radiation to the affected area deep in human body and establishes
BNCT technology that makes craniotomy and laparotomy procedure unnecessary. We have model SiCANS-150D for cephalic and cervical parts and model SiCANS-400D for hepato-biliary-pancreatic.

High Voltage Pulse Generator


High voltage pulse generator by SiC semiconductor device has large superiority in voltage and current rating, response character and failure rate and cost to conventional “Vacuum tube type high voltage generator” and “Silicon semiconductor pulse generator” .

SiC Semiconductor Breaker


Conventional breaker with mechanical contact requires some milliseconds or several dozen milliseconds to come to the complete off -stage after striking an arc and cannot protect electric circuits from such very rapid changes of voltage and current. SiC semiconductor breaker makes an instant off-stage even in case of AC voltage higher than several dozen kV or high DC voltage within several hundred nano seconds without striking an arc. Besides the superiority, on-resistance of SiC (Silicon Carbide) is approximately 1/10-1/100 of Si (Silicon) which enables the supply of products with low electric energy consumption.

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